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Pike County Jail
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Date Range: 11/27/2023 thru 12/03/2023


Inmate Name Sex Race Age DOB Address City of Birth Confined Released
Vincent A Estrada  M  W  41    Bethany, MO    11/27/2023  11/28/2023
 Pike County Sheriff  PTR Possession of Methamphetamine  
Brenton J Noble  M  W  25   Pittsfield, IL    12/01/2023  12/01/2023
Ethan Scott Palmer  M  W  19    Pittsfield, IL    11/27/2023 17:25:59  
 Pike County Sheriff  625 ILCS 5.0/11-501-A DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS  
Raymond M Gullet  M  W  46  Pacific, MO    12/02/2023  12/02/2023
 Conservation Illinois  WoW Franklin County Missouri Warrant  
Tammy J Fox  F  W  62    Pleasant Hill, IL    11/30/2023  12/01/2023
 Pike County Sheriff  New Charge Possession of Methamphetamine  
Ivy Olivia McCarter  F  B  21    Griggsville, IL    11/28/2023  
 Pike County Sheriff  720 ILCS 5.0/12-3.2 DOMESTIC BATTERY  
Billy Coulombe  M  W  41    St Majorique, QC    12/01/2023  12/01/2023
 Conservation Illinois  625 ILCS 5.0/11-204-A FLEEING POLICE
 Conservation Illinois  520 ILCS 5.0/2.31 HUNTING/TRAPPING ON HIGHWAYS  
 Conservation Illinois  520 ILCS 5.0/2.32-N UNCASED GUN  
Jay A Baalman  M  W  59   Brussels, IL    12/01/2023  
 Pike County Sheriff  625 ILCS 5.0/6-303-A DRIVING RVK/SUSP DUI/SSS 4-9  
Ernest L Beasley  M  B  34   Decatur, IL    11/27/2023  11/27/2023
 Pike County Sheriff  FTA: Appearance on Warrant Return  
Dennis W Johnston  M  W  64   Pleasant Hill, IL    11/30/2023  12/01/2023
 Pike County Sheriff  New Charge Possession of Methamphetamine  
Robert Wayne Niffen  M  W  63 Hannibal, MO    11/28/2023  
 Pike County Sheriff  730 ILCS 150.0/10 VIO SEX OFFENDER REGISTRN ACT  
 Pike County Sheriff  Hold For: Texas Probation and Parole Wanted on Warrant Texas DOC Parole Violation Warrant