Patrol Division


Patrol Division

Welcome to the Patrol Division of the Pike County Sheriffs Department. The geographical size of Pike County is approximately 837 square miles, making it the 14th largest county out of 102 counties in IL. The Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement protection for the incorporated cities of Barry, Griggsville, Pleasant Hill, and the Villages of Baylis, Chambersburg, Detroit, Hull, Kinderhook, Milton, Nebo, New Canton, New Salem, Pearl, Perry, as well as the rural areas of Pike County. The Sheriffs Department has 12 certified/sworn officers with 9 of those being assigned to the Patrol Division. The Patrol Division provides criminal investigation and traffic enforcement to the citizenry of Pike County. The Sheriffs Department maintains the office hours of 24/7. The Sheriffs Department is fortunate to work the local Crime Stoppers Chapter in helping solve crimes that occur in the area. The phone number for Crime Stoppers of Pike County is (217) 285-1500. Anyone that has information is urged to call Crime Stoppers to assist in solving those crimes. Any information that you may have will remain anonymous. The local papers in Pike County publish the current “Crime of the Week” in their weekly publications. The Sheriffs Department participates in the nationwide DARE program, educating the youth of our county on the dangers of drug use. Our DARE officer is also the public liaison for the Department. If you have upcoming events or requests for police assistance, please contact our office and request to speak with him or leave a message for him to contact you. For questions you may have regarding laws or updates of laws you can contact our office and speak with an officer, or access the internet at the website of

The Department has officers assigned to various areas to meet the Department and citizens needs. The officers of the Sheriff’s Department are:

Sheriff David E. Greenwood

Chief Deputy Zack Orr– Patrol/Contracts

Captain Matt Frazier– Patrol/Evidence Custodian/Investigations

Deputy Steve Lehr– Patrol

Deputy Skylar Lambeth- Patrol

Deputy Steve Lowry– Patrol

Deputy Dan Brennecke– Jail Administrator

Deputy Chastity Anderson– School Resource Officer/D.A.R.E/ Public Liaison Officer

  •  Inspector Deputy Mike Johnson

Deputy Steve Snyder, Patrol

• Deputy Sergeant Mike Lemons– Patrol / Investigations

  • Deputy Ryan Rouse, Patrol


Orders of Protection

Civil No Contact Orders


If you are a victim of sexual or domestic violence or believe yourself at risk, there are court orders to help protect you. what is an Order of Protection An order of protection is a court order that is specifically designed to stop violent and harassing behavior and to protect you and your family from the abuser. The abuser may be a boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone you date or dated, a spouse or ex-spouse, family member or caregiver. A sexual or domestic violence victim in Illinois should NEVER ask for a “restraining order” because in Illinois a restraining order” will NOT afford the same remedies or enforcement protections as an Illinois Order of Protection. You can file for an order of protection on behalf of yourself your minor child, an incapacitated adult, or another household member. In Illinois, same-sex partners, including someone you date, dated, or lived with, are eligible to file as well. For more information on orders of protection and how to obtain them, see http://www.womenslaw.orgp/IL/IL_how_to.htm

What is a Civil No Contact Order?

The Civil No Contact Order is a civil “stay away” order for rape victims who do not have a relationship with the offender. Under a CNCO, the court orders the offender not to have any contact with the victim. For information on how to obtain a Civil No Contact Order, contact the closest ICASA rape crisis center.