County Cororner

The Pike County Sheriff is also the elected Pike County Coroner. The primary responsibility of the Pike County Coroner is to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths that occur within the geographical borders of Pike County Illinois. The Pike County Coroner determines the cause and manner of death. Cause of death means the medical reason the person died. The manner of death means the circumstances surrounding the death listed as one of the following: Natural, Accident, Homicide, Suicide or Undetermined.

The coroner responds to death scenes when required and investigates the cause and manner of death only. The coroner does not actually charge anyone with a crime. that is the duty of law enforcement. A coroner usually works hand in hand with law enforcement on many investigations. The coroner’s position in Pike County is unique, along with a few other counties in Illinois in that the Sheriff is also the coroner. So, in all coroner investigations in Pike County, law enforcement is obviously involved.

If you need reports from the Pike County Coroner’s Office the following fees are required;

Coroner’s Permit to Cremate: $100.00

Autopsy Report: $50.00

Toxicology Report: $25.00

Coroner’s Report: $25.00

Autopsy and/or Scene Photo: $3.00 per photo if released

Coroner’s Inquest Transcript: $5.00 per page if available

Miscellaneous Reports: $25.00